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Stinger Spot 30

Stinger Spot 30

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Elevate Your Lighting Game: The Eliminator Lighting Stinger Spot 30

Step into the future of dynamic lighting with the Eliminator Lighting Stinger Spot 30 – a compact marvel that boasts a crystal-clear 30-Watt LED source, cutting-edge optics, and distinct GOBO and color wheels. Whether you're an aficionado of DMX-512 control, prefer the rhythm of Sound Active mode, or seek the convenience of 8 pre-loaded programs, this mini Moving Head caters to all your lighting desires.

A Fusion of Brilliance and Performance:

Introducing the Eliminator Lighting Stinger Spot 30 – a mini Moving Head that stands tall with a dazzling 30-Watt LED source and revolutionary optics. Its sleek form factor and featherweight design render it an impeccable companion for mobile entertainers, intimate clubs, trendy bars, roller rinks, bowling centers, and any production on the go.

Experience Pure Spectrum Magic:

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Stinger Spot 30's array of 7 vibrant colors, enhanced by a pure white option. Additionally, 7 distinct GOBOs plus a spot grace separate color wheels, catapulting you into the realm of pure lighting ecstasy. Embrace the thrill of fast-moving beams and seamless color transformations that this luminaire effortlessly delivers.

Sync in Harmony:

The Stinger Spot 30 introduces a pan and tilt inversion mode, offering a symphony of visual delight. Link two units together and watch as one head mimics the movements of its counterpart in the most captivating choreography of light.

Seamless Control, Boundless Excitement:

The Stinger Spot 30 caters to your control preferences. Dive into the art of custom scenes with DMX-512, where your imagination is the limit. Feel the rhythm come alive with Sound Active mode. Explore primary/secondary mode or let the luminaire dazzle autonomously with 8 captivating built-in shows.

Protection with Elegance:

Secure your Stinger Spot 30 companions with the F4 Par Bag padded bag (available separately), combining practicality and style in the art of lighting transportation.

In Conclusion: Illuminate Your Journey

The Eliminator Lighting Stinger Spot 30 offers more than just light; it presents a spectrum of possibilities. With its powerful LED source, mesmerizing optics, and versatile control options, this mini Moving Head is your gateway to a world of dynamic lighting experiences. Elevate your events, captivate your audience, and paint your canvas with the hues of brilliance.


• Light Source: 30W white LED

• Beam angle:13-Degrees 
• Color wheel: 7 color + open, rainbow scroll effect 
• GOBO wheel: 7 GOGOs + open, GOBO shake effect
• 2 DMX Channel Modes: 4 or 12-Channels 
• Movement: Pan 540-Degrees / Tilt 190-Degrees + Pan/Tilt Inversion mode
• Control modes: DMX-512, Primary/Secondary, Auto, Sound Active
• 8 internal Programs
• Manual Focus
• Dimming 0-100%
• Strobe Effects
• Fan cooled
• 4-button DMX display on rear panel   
• Includes Omega Bracket
• with wired digital communication network
• Data linkable via 3-pin DMX sockets
• Multi-voltage Operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz 
• Max Power Consumption: 42W 
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.8” (148mm) x 6.9” (176mm) x 10.7” (271mm)
• Weight: 7 lbs. / 3 kgs.
• F4 Par Bag sold separately
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