Prepare for W.E. Services

Guidelines for Seamless On-site Installations & Work Sessions with Wisdom Esoterica

At Wisdom Esoterica, our foremost commitment is to ensure our clients are not just satisfied, but truly delighted with the final results. Each project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to excellence, precision, and client satisfaction. To make certain we achieve these standards every time, and to ensure the optimal use of your budget and our time, we kindly request our esteemed clients to follow these guidelines when preparing for our on-site installations, design sessions, programming, troubleshooting, and commissioning jobs.

1. Distraction-Free Environment:

  • Our work demands immense concentration and intricate problem-solving. For the perfect execution of tasks, it's essential that our team is provided with a quiet and interruption-free environment.
  • Please avoid operating loud machinery or engaging in loud conversations near our working area.
  • We kindly ask that drop-in visitors not be brought to show our progress, as it diverts our focus from the task at hand.

2. Time Efficiency:

  • A prompt start often leads to a timely finish. If you are providing staff to assist us or open the facility, ensure they are punctual.
  • Ensure all necessary equipment is in place and easily accessible before we arrive. Delays in accessing equipment can extend our work timelines.

3. Communication Protocol:

  • While we value your enthusiasm and queries, except in cases of emergency, we request that direct questions to our programmers and workers be limited. Any queries should be channeled through the designated project manager or via email at

4. Additional Charges:

  • Time is of the essence. If we exceed our quoted timeline due to a lack of following these guidelines and through no fault of our own, an additional charge of $950 per person, per night will be levied to cover accommodation, food, and pay for our team. Our shared objective is to complete the project efficiently and effectively.

5. Scheduling:

  • Please share your availability for on-site work at least two weeks in advance. We strive to accommodate your preferred timings but understand that preferences are not guarantees.

6. Infrastructure Preparation:

  • It's crucial to ensure that all necessary electrical work is completed before our team arrives.
  • If your facility has a DJ booth, kindly label all switches. This practice prevents any unintentional disruptions and conserves valuable time.

7. Comfort and Safety:

  • We appreciate your providing our team with a comfortable working environment, especially in extreme temperatures.
  • We love kids, but PLEASE ensure children are kept away from the worksite for their safety. The presence of our heavy technical equipment can pose risks.

8. Remote Services Protocol:


Here's an insightful article on interruption science that explains the profound impact of distractions on productivity. It offers a perspective on why these guidelines are vital for the success of our collaboration.

By closely following these guidelines, you play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our shared endeavor. We deeply value your trust in us and will go to great lengths to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations. Your happiness with the final outcome is our ultimate reward.