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Revo 4 IR

Revo 4 IR

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Elevate Your Party with the Enhanced Revo 4 IR LED Moonflower Effect

Experience the next level of entertainment with the upgraded Revo 4 IR LED Moonflower Effect by ADJ. An already beloved effect, the Revo 4 IR now boasts improved features that bring your party to life like never before. Let's delve into the enhanced capabilities of this cutting-edge lighting solution.

Key Advancements:

  • Matrix Grid of 256 LEDs: The Revo 4 IR dazzles with its LED matrix grid, comprised of 256 LEDs. These LEDs collaborate harmoniously to craft an array of captivating patterns, painting your space with vibrant colors and energetic movements.

  • Seamless Wireless Control: Elevating convenience and versatility, the Revo 4 IR now supports wireless control. Utilize ADJ's UC-IR and Airstream IR wireless controllers (available separately) to command the effect remotely, enabling effortless customization of your light show.

  • Dynamic Party Enhancement: Whether you're hosting a fog-filled extravaganza or an atmosphere without fog, the Revo 4 IR thrives in any setting. Its dynamic LED interplay transforms your space into a pulsating haven of visual excitement.

Enhanced Connectivity and Control:

Navigating the Revo 4 IR is made effortless by its rear panel configuration. A 4-button LED menu display offers intuitive controls, while 3-pin DMX In/Out ports facilitate easy linking of multiple units. Daisy chain power seamlessly from one fixture to another using the IEC power In/Out, streamlining your setup process.

Unveil Stunning Pixel Mapping:

Witness the Revo 4 IR's remarkable pixel mapping capabilities in action by exploring its product demo video. Immerse yourself in a visual journey that showcases the intricate patterns and mesmerizing effects that this cutting-edge moonflower effect can create.

Experience the Future of Lighting Entertainment:

The ADJ Revo 4 IR LED Moonflower Effect is more than just a lighting fixture – it's a gateway to unforgettable parties. With its wireless control, LED matrix grid, and diverse effects, this lighting solution redefines entertainment possibilities. Whether you're a professional DJ, event organizer, or party enthusiast, the Revo 4 IR takes your gatherings to new heights.

Ignite your event with the Revo 4 IR – where innovation meets celebration.



• LED DMX-512 Moonflower from the popular REVO Series with 256 razor sharp Red, Green, Blue & White Beams

• Produces unique and exciting LED patterns that may be projected on a wall, ceiling or dance floor – great with or without fog

• 256 total 5mm LEDs : 64 Red, 64 Green, 64 blue and 64 White

• 2 DMX Channel Modes (4 Channel mode or 256 Channel mode)

• 4-Button LED DMX Display

• Linkable via XLR connections
• With Wired Digital Communication Network

• Wide beam spread covers a large area

• 3 Operating Modes - Show Mode; Sound Active; DMX Controlled 

• Stand Alone or Primary/Secondary Configuration

• Strobe function

• Beam angle: 35 degrees

• Runs extremely cool! - NO Duty Cycles! – Run all night!

• Includes hanging bracket & safety loop

• Power Consumption: 34W maximum

• Extreme long lifetime of the LEDs (50,000 hr. rating)

• Compatible with ADJ UC IR Remote and Airstream IR (sold Separately)

• IEC AC IN/OUT on rear to daisy chain power (up to 12 fixture’s @ 120V and 21 fixture’s @ 230V )

• Multi-voltage Operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.25”x 12” x 13.25” / 312 x 306 x 334 mm

• Weight: 11 lbs. / 4.9 kgs.

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