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Mister Kool II

Mister Kool II

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ADJ Mister Kool II: Affordable Low-Lying Fog On Demand

Introducing the ADJ Mister Kool II, your go-to solution for affordable and portable low-lying fog effects. Designed to impress with its convenience and efficiency, this fog machine brings captivating mist close to the ground, adding a touch of enchantment to your events.

Key Features:

  • Portability Meets Affordability: Elevate your event without breaking the bank. The ADJ Mister Kool II offers a cost-effective solution for creating mesmerizing low-lying fog effects that amaze your audience.

  • Effortless Operation: Craft captivating low-lying fog with ease. The Mister Kool II utilizes standard water-based fog fluid and ice cubes, making setup a breeze and enhancing your event's atmosphere.

  • Enhanced Heating Power: With a robust 700W heater and a swift 3-minute warm-up time, the Mister Kool II takes low-lying fog to new heights. Enjoy efficient fog production that's ready in an instant.

  • Customizable Control: The included ADJ VFTR13 timer remote empowers you to personalize your low-lying fog effects. Tailor the output and duration to suit your event's unique ambiance and flow.

  • Built-In Water Drainage System: Bid farewell to hassle with the integrated water drainage system. The system features a valve, plastic hose, and water collection bag, expertly designed to manage the water resulting from melted ice.

  • Event-Ready: Whether you're staging a theatrical performance, setting up a concert, or hosting a special event, the Mister Kool II brings a touch of magic to any occasion. Its portability ensures it's ready to enhance any space.

Low-Lying Enchantment: The ADJ Mister Kool II combines affordability and portability to deliver captivating low-lying fog that transforms your events into memorable experiences.

Efficiency Meets Creativity: From chilling mist with ice cubes to the convenience of water-based fog fluid, the Mister Kool II lets you unleash creativity with simplicity.


• Low-lying fog stays low to the ground–similar to a dry ice effect

• Uses standard water based fog juice and ice cubes

• No need for expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units or dry ice

• Includes ADJ VFTR13 12-foot wired remote with On/Off, continuous and manual buttons, plus interval and duration output potentiometers

• Perfect for Halloween FX and theatrical events

• Load up to 4 pounds of ice in the chiller box

• Water drainage valve system allows for easy clean-up. Water drains directly into the   

  provided plastic bag.

• Power On/Off switch

• Heater: 700W

• Warm up Time: 3 Minutes
• Reheating Time: 27 Seconds
• Second Fog Shooting Time: Around 36 Seconds

• Output: 3,000 cubic feet per minute

• Fluid Consumption: 90ml/min

• Fog fluid container: 0.8 Liter (external)

• 120V/50Hz or 230V/60Hz (non switchable)

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 18” x 11.75” x 10.25” / 460 x 300 x 262 mm

• Weight: 19 lbs. / 9kg 

• CE Certified

Recommended Fog Juice: Kool Fog (dense fog juice); F4L Premium, F1L Premium

PRO TIP #1: Make sure you tighten the knob on the ice hopper all the way down to prevent fog leakage.

PRO TIP #2: Make sure the water drainage value is open and drainage bag is lower than the Mister Kool II so the melted ice water can flow easily into the bag.


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