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Media Master Express 6 (License)

Media Master Express 6 (License)

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1. MediaMaster Pro Practical Interface

Experience an intuitive interface that displays all layer parameters and previews simultaneously. Lighting designers gain improved visibility and ergonomic control over their shows.

2. Guaranteed Quality with MediaMaster

Our powerful video engine and proprietary SAGA video codec ensure smooth playback up to a massive 16K x 16K pixel canvas. Enjoy 10-bit color range with or without HDR for superior picture quality.

3. Total Control Over Media

Take complete control of your media with MediaMaster. Adjust position, scale, rotation, transparency, colors, and more. Support for major media formats, multiple video inputs, and 60+ effects with customizable parameters.

4. Remote Player for Efficiency

Ideal for long-term shows and permanent installations, the Remote Player lets you control multiple servers from a single network point. Use the internal encoder for Cue Lists allocation. Maximize workflow with Elgato Stream Deck integration.

5. Video Mapping Made Easy

MediaMaster Pro includes the Video Mapper Extension for effortless mapping of video onto irregular surfaces and multiple outputs. Set up mapping projects quickly, simplifying visuals around complex objects with a few clicks.

6. Fixture Mode for Lighting Control

Unlock full control of MediaMaster parameters from your DMX console. Turn any powerful computer into a traditional Media Server for lighting consoles. New fixture profiles for Layer Extended 2.0 and Layer Full 2.0 with up to 112 DMX parameters each.

7. HDR Visual Excellence

MediaMaster plays HDR or standard videos, making them compatible with HDR 10 and HLG hardware in real-time. Enjoy MediaMaster 6's HDR output processing for the most demanding picture quality.

8. SAGA Codec for Efficiency

Experience the streamlined ArKaos SAGA codec with 10-bit color and Alpha Channel. Enjoy lower disc usage, faster rendering, backward playback, and unlimited resolution size. No chroma re-sampling.

9. NDI®5 Integration

MediaMaster now supports Multiple NDI®5 inputs/outputs with alpha. It's fully integrated into the NDI®5 product ecosystem, offering versatility in live performance software. NDI®5 simplifies video distribution over IP, reducing cost and deployment time.

10. LED Mapper Extension

MediaMaster includes an intuitive LED Mapper Extension for driving LED panels. Preview your editing interactively by sending video output or mapper static patterns to the network. Reduce network load with unicast support, driving multiple LED fixtures efficiently.

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