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Hydro Spot 1

Hydro Spot 1

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The Illuminating Marvel: ADJ Lighting Hydro Spot 1 LED-Powered Moving Head

Embark on an odyssey of unmatched brilliance with the ADJ Lighting Hydro Spot 1 LED-Powered Moving Head. Nestled within a robust IP65-rated housing, this luminaire epitomizes innovation and adaptability. A commanding 200-Watt cool white LED engine lies at its core, radiating formidable output, skillfully harnessed by a meticulously designed suite of beam-shaping tools.

The Fusion of Power and Versatility:

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of lighting prowess through the ADJ Lighting Hydro Spot 1. More than a mere moving head spot luminaire, it stands as a masterpiece, ensconced within an IP65-rated stronghold, ready to dazzle in any setting.

A Forceful Illumination:

Channeling the brilliance of a potent 200-Watt cool white LED engine, the Hydro Spot 1 emits a commanding radiance, ensuring a uniform coverage that captivates every corner of your stage.

Excellence Forged with Precision:

Experience precision unfurled through motorized zoom, seamlessly adjusting the beam angle from 12° to 23°. Elevate your creative vision with motorized focus, ensuring your pattern projections are razor-sharp at every distance. Infuse depth into your designs with two frost filters – one delicate, one intense – each contributing nuance to your visual narrative. Enhanced brilliance emerges from two rotating prisms – a 5-facet linear and a 6-facet circular – crafting mesmerizing aerial displays. Unleash your creativity with 6 rotating and replaceable GOBOs, fostering customization. Embark on a chromatic journey with two color wheels, each adorned with 8 dichroic colors, including CTO, CTB, and UV filters.

Crafted for Elegance and Performance:

The Hydro Spot 1 resides within ADJ's Hydro Series, a testament to meticulous engineering and breakthrough innovation. Its IP65-rated casing guarantees versatility, adorning both indoor and outdoor events, from arid desert festivals to wintry attractions. This luminaire's durability withstands dusty, cold, or damp environments, ensuring resilience in the face of adversity.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow:

Peek into the future with an operational life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The Hydro Spot 1 transcends luminaire norms, offering a glimpse of lighting technology's horizon. Leave behind the era of frequent lamp replacements and welcome an age of uninterrupted luminosity.

In Conclusion: Brilliance Meets Endurance

The ADJ Lighting Hydro Spot 1 LED-Powered Moving Head is a testimony to ingenuity, adaptability, and enduring splendor. Engage in precision, kindle creativity, and embrace resilience, all within a single luminaire. Step into a new chapter of lighting brilliance with the Hydro Spot 1, where innovation seamlessly intertwines with luminosity.



Light Source: 

• 200W Cool White LED Engine (50,000 hr.)

• Wifly EXR (Wireless DMX)
• Motorized Focus 
• Motorized Zoom: 12° ~ 23°
• 2 Frost Filters (Heavy and Medium)
• 2 Prism FX: Rotating 5-facet Linear & rotating 6-facet Circular 
• 0-100% smooth dimming
• Various strobe speeds 
• 2 cooling fans 

Color Wheels: 
• (2) Color wheels
• 8 dichroic colors + white on each wheel (includes CTO, CTB and UV filters) 

 GOBO Wheels: 
• (1) Wheel with 6 Rotatable GOBOs
• All GOBOs are replaceable
• GOBO Shake Effect 
• Aluminum GOBO size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 0.5mm (thickness) 
• Glass GOBO size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 3.3mm (thickness)
Prism Wheel: 
• Prism Wheel 1: Rotatable 6-facet Circular 
• Prism Wheel 2: Rotatable 5-facet Linear 
• Both Prisms are indexable

Frost Filters: 
• Frost 1: Heavy frost for wash effect 
• Frost 2: Medium frost creates lightly blurred edges for Gobo and Prism FX 

• 3 DMX Channel Modes: 17/20/22 
• Wifly EXR (Wireless DMX)
• Color LCD display with 6-button function menu 
• Control Mode: DMX512 or internal programs 
• 6 Dim Modes: Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre, Stage2
• 4 Dim Curves: Square, Linear, Inv. Square and S. Curve 
• Selectable LED Refresh Rates (900 Hz~25K Hz)  
• 0-100% smooth dimming 
• Various strobe speeds 
• RDM (Remote Device Management) 
• With Wired Digital Communication Network 

• Pan: 630 degrees 
• Tilt: 270 degrees 

• DMX Connections: 5-pin XLR In/Out 
• Power Connections: IP65 PowerLock In/Out to daisy chain power 

• Multi-voltage operation: 90-240V, 50/60Hz 
• Max power consumption: 280W 

Dimensions & Weight: 
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.49" x 14.57" x 19.21" (241x370x488mm)
• Weight: 35.2lbs (16kg) 

What’s Included: 
• Omega Bracket 
• 1.83M locking power cable 

Approvals / Rating: 
ETL (Pending) / CE Certified 
IP65 with Marine Coated Exterior and conformal coated PCBs

Specifications subject to change without notice


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