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USED - High End Systems - DL2

USED - High End Systems - DL2

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Experience the zenith of lighting innovation with our USED DL.2 Luminous Projector. More than just a luminance powerhouse, this unit combines a staggering 5,000 lumens projector with a dynamic moving yoke.

But the DL.2 isn’t just about power – it's about unparalleled versatility. Within its sleek design, each unit comes embedded with an advanced infrared camera, coupled with an in-built media server and a streamlined patch bay. This ensures seamless digital integrations and immersive visual experiences.

Highlighting its state-of-the-art technology, the DL.2 is an all-in-one digital lighting solution, accentuated by its 3 LCD-panel light engine, pre-stocked content, and Digital Eye Technology, which features an integrated Sony video camera and illuminator.

Ease of use? We've got you covered. The DL.2 effortlessly mounts like any high-tier moving luminaire and ensures hassle-free operation with its plug-and-play mechanism, utilizing conventional DMX cabling and protocols. Say goodbye to long setup hours, redundant RGB cabling, and space-consuming servers. With DL.2, everything you need is in one comprehensive unit.

Discover lighting like never before. Elevate your productions, events, or spaces with the DL.2 Luminous Projector – the epitome of technical brilliance and practical efficiency. Act now for a special offer on pair purchases. Trust in Wisdom Esoterica, where technology meets unparalleled creativity.

All units come with road case + casters.

Condition & Warranty: Our refurbished DL2 lights are restored to an impressive 'Good' condition, ideal for rental setups, club installations, or event centers. While we take utmost care in representing the condition of our refurbished products, please note they are sold as-is with no refunds. Rest assured, they're a dependable and cost-effective choice for any lighting professional or enthusiast.

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