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Fog Fury 3000 Fog Machine

Fog Fury 3000 Fog Machine

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ADJ Fog Fury 3000 Fog Machine: Elevate Your Events with Professional-Grade Atmosphere

Experience the world of professional-grade fog effects with the ADJ Fog Fury 3000 Fog Machine. Designed to exceed expectations and meet the demands of event producers, mobile performers, and top-tier venues, this 1500W powerhouse will redefine your event experiences. Step into a realm of unmatched output and exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  • Remarkable Output: Unleash the power of the ADJ Lighting Fog Fury 3000, a 1500W professional fog machine that produces an astounding 21,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. Immerse your space in captivating mist, elevating the visibility of your lights and lasers.

  • Optimized Performance: This fog machine boasts a high-performance pump and Electronic Thermo Sensing technology, ensuring optimum temperature maintenance for uninterrupted fog production. Enjoy effortless management as it effortlessly enhances your event's atmosphere.

  • DMX Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate the Fog Fury 3000 into your entertainment production with its DMX compatibility. Effortlessly control and synchronize its dynamic output using your favorite DMX controller, enhancing the cohesion of your entire performance.

  • Reliable and Efficient: The Fog Fury 3000 features a special heating element design with an oil-type transmission pipeline system, minimizing clogs for consistent and reliable fog production. The LED heating indicator system keeps you informed, transitioning from red (heating) to green (ready to use), with flashing alerts for low fog fluid.

  • Versatile Modes: Choose from three operational modes—Manual, Timer Mode, or DMX Controlled—to suit your specific needs. The user-friendly 3-button DMX LCD display on the rear panel allows easy configuration and adjustments.

  • Extended Performance: With its 5-liter external fog fluid tank, the Fog Fury 3000 ensures longer performance without frequent refills. The automatic circuit cut-off safeguards the pump if the fluid runs dry, ensuring durability.

  • Convenience and Portability: Designed for ease, the Fog Fury 3000 features a single yoke for wall or truss bracket mounting, along with a carrying handle for effortless transportation.

  • Safety and Reliability: Backed by cETLus approval, this fog machine meets rigorous electrical safety standards. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, use only high-quality, water-based fog fluid.

Elevate your events to new heights with the ADJ Lighting Fog Fury 3000 Fog Machine. From enhancing performances to creating enchanting environments, this fog machine empowers you to mesmerize your audience. Optional accessories like the FF23TR Timer Remote and FF23WR Wireless Remote are also available for added convenience. Experience the extraordinary—elevate your productions with the Fog Fury 3000 Fog Machine!


  • 1500W professional DMX Fog Machine
  • High performance pump for optimum output
  • ADJ’s Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology to always maintain optimum heat levels with no warm-up times between fog blasts
  • Automatic circuit cut-off to protect pump if fog fluid tank runs dry.
  • Special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission pipeline system to minimize the possibility of clogging.
  • LED heating indicator system in tank: Red = Heating; Green = Ready to use; Flashing = Fog fluid tank is low
  • 3 Operational modes: Manual, Timer Mode, or DMX Controlled
  • 3 DMX Channels
  • 3-button DMX LCD display on rear panel
  • 3-pin DMX XLR In/Out connections
  • Heater: 1500W
  • Fog Output: 21000 (cu.ft/min)
  • Fog Fluid Consumption: 162ml/min
  • Warm-up time: 8 min.
  • External fog fluid tank: 5 Liter
  • Single yoke to mount on a wall or from trussing bracket
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Power Consumption: 1600W max
  • Power: AC 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (non switching)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.75” x 13.75” x 12.75” / 475 x 345 x 321mm
  • Weight: 25 lbs. / 11.28 kgs
  • Only use high quality, water-based fog fluid
  • ETL Approved

• FF23TR: Timer Remote
• FF23WR: Wireless Remote

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