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Focus Spot 7Z

Focus Spot 7Z

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ADJ Focus Spot 7Z: A Luminaire of Power and Versatility

Step into a world illuminated by the ADJ Focus Spot 7Z – a mighty moving head spot luminaire that wields an extraordinary 20,000 Lumens output. Packed with features that transcend conventional lighting, this fixture emerges as a powerhouse capable of delivering mesmerizing spot and wash effects. Encompassing a 420W LED light engine known for its efficiency, alongside impeccable optics, it paints your space with sharp, even projections. Brace yourself for an artistic journey, as the Focus Spot 7Z flaunts an array of integrated beam-shaping tools, amplifying the creativity of lighting designers.

Power Unleashed:

The ADJ Focus Spot 7Z stands as a beacon of power, boasting a remarkable 20,000 Lumens output. This moving head spot luminaire defies expectations, effortlessly generating both spot and wash effects, elevating your lighting endeavors.

Engineering Excellence:

Keywords: 420W LED light engine, superior optics.

Harnessing the brilliance of a 420W LED light engine and marrying it with cutting-edge optics, the Focus Spot 7Z emerges as a luminaire of unparalleled precision. Its ability to craft crisp, uniform projections transforms any space into a canvas of illumination.

An Arsenal of Possibilities:

Keywords: CMY + CTO color mixing, animation wheel, motorized zoom, focus, iris, GOBO wheels, rotating prisms, frost filters.

Unleash boundless creativity with an arsenal of features. Seamlessly navigate through the color spectrum with full CMY + CTO color mixing. Elevate your visual storytelling with the animation wheel. Tailor your vision with motorized zoom (6° ~ 48°), focus, and iris. Engage in visual alchemy with twin GOBO wheels and two rotating prisms (4-facet circular and 6-facet linear). Transform your canvas with the touch of frost filters – one to gently blur GOBO patterns, the other to create a sweeping wash effect.

A Symphony of Light:

Embrace the Focus Spot 7Z's symphony of color and texture. Embark on a journey defined by its advanced color selection system, fusing variable CMY and CTO (2,700K to 8,000K) color mixing with a seven-slot color wheel, boasting dichroic wonders, including High CRI and CRB filters.

Compact Brilliance:

Keywords: Lightweight, smaller footprint.

The Focus Spot 7Z challenges norms with its mere 51.7 lbs. (23.45kg) weight, offering a compact footprint. It stands as a testament to ingenuity, outshining other fixtures in its class, both in weight and dimensions.

In Conclusion: Crafting Illuminated Masterpieces

The ADJ Focus Spot 7Z redefines luminosity, where power meets artistry. Immerse yourself in a symphony of features that transcend the ordinary, transforming spaces into breathtaking canvases of light. Explore the extraordinary, elevate your events, and unleash your vision with the Focus Spot 7Z, a luminaire that fuses power with boundless creativity.




420W White LED Engine
20,000 Hour Average LED Life
20,000 Total Lumens
8,000K, >73CRI (without CRI Filter)
7,700K >85CRI (with CRI Filter)
56,513 LUX @16.4’ (5m) (6° Beam)
1,585 LUX @16.4’ (5m) (48° Beam)
4-Facet Circular & 6-Facet Linear Rotating Prisms 
2 Frost Filters (Light & Heavy)
Animation Wheel (Rotatable and Indexable)
Motorized Zoom (6° ~ 48°)
Motorized Focus
Motorized Iris
Electronic Dimming & Strobe (1-20Hz)
Full CMY color mixing
Variable CTO (2,700K to 8,000K)
Colors Wheel with 7 dichroic slots (Includes High CRI and CTB Filters)
CMY and Color Wheel preset macros
(2) Gobo Wheels
#1 - (7) Interchangeable Rotating-Indexing Glass Gobos
#2 - (7) Interchangeable Rotating-Indexing Glass Gobos
(3) DMX Channel Modes (30 / 34 / 45)
DMX512, ArtNet and sACN protocols
WiFLY Wireless DMX Built-in
RDM (Remote Device Management) compliant
6 Button Touch Control Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement
5-pin XLR DMX In/Out
RJ45 connectors In/Out
Locking In/Out power connections
With Wired Digital Communication Network
Pan: 540-degrees
Tilt: 270-degrees
Pan & Tilt Locks

Length: 18.8” (477.5mm)
Width: 14.7” (374mm)
Vertical Height: 25.7” (653mm)
Center Spacing: 24.0” (609.6mm)
Weight: 55.3 lbs. (25.1kg)
AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption: 524W
Max ambient temperature: 14°F to 113°F (-10°C to 45°C)
Max housing temperature: 136°F (58°C)

DB Rating @ 3ft.: 49dB
BTU: 0.53
BTU/H: 1,909.60
CE | ETL Approved (Control #4010765)

Locking Power cable
180mm Omega brackets (x2)

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.
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