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Focus Spot 5Z

Focus Spot 5Z

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ADJ Focus Spot 6Z: Elevate Your Lighting Experience

Dive into a world of limitless creativity with the ADJ Focus Spot 6Z – a compact moving head spot fixture that redefines versatility. Driven by a potent 300W cool white LED engine, this feature-packed luminaire empowers your lighting endeavors with an array of motorized functions, two prisms, and an exquisite collection of GOBO and color wheels.

A Powerhouse of Innovation:

Behold the ADJ Focus Spot 6Z – a true embodiment of innovation. Harnessing the brilliance of a brilliant 300W cool white LED engine, this fixture paints your stage with vibrant, saturated colors. Designed with a blend of sophistication and efficiency, it stands as a versatile solution for both temporary live events and permanent installations.


Light Source:
• 200W Cool White LED Engine (50,000 hr.)
• Motorized Focus
• 2 Frost Filters to create wash effects
• Motorized Zoom: 11 ~ 22-degrees
• 2 Prism FX: Rotating 5-facet Linear & rotating 6-facet Circular
• 0-100% smooth dimming
• Various strobe speeds
• USB firmware update port
• 2 cooling fans
Color Wheels:
• 8 dichroic colors + white on two separate wheels (includes CTO, CTB and UV filters)
GOBO Wheels:
• 6 Gobos (5 aluminum GOBOs, 1 glass GOBO) + open
• All GOBOs are removable & rotatable
• GOBO Shake Effect
• Aluminum GOBO size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 0.5mm (thickness)
• Glass gobo size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 3.3mm (thickness)
Prism Wheel:
• Prism Wheel 1: Rotatable 6-facet Circular
• Prism Wheel 2: Rotatable 5-facet Linear
• Each Prism is indexable

Frost Filters:
• Frost 1: Heavy frost for wash effect
• Frost 2: Light frost creates lightly blurred edges for GOBO and Prism FX
• 3 DMX Channel Modes: 19/22/26
• Color LCD display with 6-button function menu
• Control Mode: DMX512 or internal programs
• 6 Dimming Curve Modes: Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre, Stage 2
• 0-100% smooth dimming
• Various strobe speeds
• USB firmware update port
• With Wired Digital Communication Network
• RDM (Remote Device Management)
• Pan: 630 degrees
• Tilt: 270 degrees

• DMX Connections: 5-pin XLR In/Out
• Power Connections: PowerLock In/Out to daisy chain power

• Multi-voltage operation: 90-240V, 50/60Hz
• Max power consumption: 280W

Dimensions & Weight:
• Dimensions: 7.15” (L) x 10.97” (W) x 18” (H) (181.5 x 278.61 x 457.4mm)
• Weight: 23 lbs. / 10 kg.
What’s Included:
• Omega Bracket
• 1.83M locking power cable

Optional Road Cases: 
• DRC MH: 2 Focus Spot 5Z fit in the DRC MH Road Case
• QRC MH: 4 Focus Spot 5Z fit in the QRC MH Road Case

Approvals / Rating:
ETL Approved / CE Certified
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