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Entour Snow - Snow Machine

Entour Snow - Snow Machine

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ADJ Entour Snow: Elevate Atmosphere with Professional 1250W Snow Machine

Introducing the ADJ Entour Snow, a 1250W professional-grade snow machine that sets a new standard for atmospherics. Part of the esteemed ADJ Entour Series, the Entour Snow is tailored for professional installations and touring applications, offering a high-output solution for creating breathtaking snow effects. Unleash a world of possibilities with this versatile snow machine that's designed to transform large venues and stage productions into winter wonderlands.

Key Features:

  • High-Output Performance: The Entour Snow boasts remarkable power, projecting imitation snow upwards or outwards to create stunning snowfall effects. Its high-output capabilities make it a perfect fit for expansive venues and elaborate stage productions.

  • Flexible Variable Output: Customize your snow effects with the Entour Snow's variable output options. Adjust the fan speed to run at either 50% or 100%, tailoring the snowfall intensity to your specific needs.

  • Built-In Timer: The convenience of the built-in timer ensures precise control over your snow effects. Create mesmerizing scenes effortlessly with the ability to time your snowfall for maximum impact.

  • Seamless DMX Control: The Entour Snow is equipped with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets, allowing for seamless integration with your DMX control setup. Elevate your creativity and synchronize the snow effects with your entire lighting and production.

  • Remote Control Ready: Enhance user experience with an optional remote control, utilizing the 1/4-inch jack socket provided. Effortlessly manage your snow effects from a distance, adding convenience to your production.

  • Secure Power Input: The locking power input socket ensures a stable and reliable connection, safeguarding the unit's mains supply. Your snow effects will run smoothly and consistently throughout your event.

Unleash the Power of SNOW GAL:

To achieve optimal results and ensure the longevity of your ADJ Entour Snow, ADJ recommends using SNOW GAL, a specially formulated snow juice designed for ADJ snow machines. Elevate your snowfall effects and immerse your audience in a winter wonderland with this premium snow fluid.

Elevate your events, performances, and installations with the ADJ Entour Snow. From stage productions to large-scale venues, create stunning snowfall effects that captivate and inspire. Transform your space into a magical winter landscape and elevate your atmospherics to new heights of enchantment.


• 1250W Professional DMX Snow Machine

• 3 DMX Channel Modes; 1/3/5

• LCD Function Display with built-in remote with Timer, Continuous Snow & Manual control

• No warm-up time necessary

• Fan speed adjustment 50% or 100%

• External fluid tank: 5.6 Liter

• Fluid Consumption Rate: 500ml/min

• Power Consumption: 1250W

• 3-pin & 5-pin DMX In/Out

• Locking power Input

• Uses ADJ Snow Gal snow fluid

• Hanging Bracket
• Safety cable latch
• On/Off button

• 1/4-inch jack for optional ENTOUR VT-1 remote controller

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.5” x 14.75” x 17.25” / 550 x 376 x 439mm

• Weight: 30 lbs. / 13.5 kg.

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