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ADJ Entour Haze Pro

ADJ Entour Haze Pro

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Introducing the ADJ Entour Haze Pro: Elevate Your Atmosphere with Touring-Grade Haze

Experience the next level of atmospheric enhancement with the ADJ Entour Haze Pro. As part of the renowned ADJ Entour Series, this professional-grade haze machine brings a world of immersive possibilities to large stages, venues, and outdoor applications. Designed for performance and efficiency, the Entour Haze Pro is your key to creating captivating lightshows that leave a lasting impression.

Key Features of the ADJ Entour Haze Pro:

  • Touring-Grade Power: Encased within a durable flight case, the Entour Haze Pro is engineered for the demands of the road. It's built to withstand the rigors of touring and transportation, ensuring reliability no matter where your event takes you.

  • Instant Output: Say goodbye to wait times. The Entour Haze Pro requires no warm-up time, allowing you to unleash its impressive output of 3,000 cubic ft. per minute at a moment's notice. Illuminate large stages and venues with haze that enhances your lightshow instantly.

  • Efficient Haze Generation: Using Haze/G™ oil-based liquid, the Entour Haze Pro boasts an external fluid tank with a generous capacity of 2.5 Liters. Its remarkable fluid consumption rate of 15 hours of continuous output per Liter ensures that your haze effects remain consistent throughout your performance.

  • Flexible Control: Navigate your haze experience with ease using the LED function display and in-built timer. Choose between continuous, intermittent, or manually-triggered hazing modes to match the rhythm of your event. Take advantage of the 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets for DMX control in 1-, 2-, and 4-channel modes.

  • Effortless Portability: Measuring 20.75” x 15” x 15” / 530 x 380 x 380mm (LxWxH) and equipped with sturdy handles on each side, the Entour Haze Pro is designed for easy lifting, carrying, and positioning. Its heavy-duty construction ensures seamless integration into your setup.

Elevate Your Atmosphere with the ADJ Entour Haze Pro

Whether you're orchestrating a large stage performance, hosting a grand event in a spacious venue, or seeking to enhance outdoor environments with captivating haze, the ADJ Entour Haze Pro is your ultimate companion. With its robust build, instant output, and efficient fluid consumption, this haze machine is designed to elevate your atmosphere with stunning lightshow-enhancing effects. Create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact with the ADJ Entour Haze Pro, and make your event one to remember.


• Mobile DMX Haze Machine

• Great for stage performances, bands, clubs, bowling centers etc. 

• 3 DMX Channel Modes; 1/2/4

• LCD Function Display with built-in remote with Haze Timer, Continuous Hazing & Manual Hazing

• No Warm-up time necessary

• Air Pressure: 101 psi

• Output: 3,000 cubic ft. per min

• External fluid tank: 2.5 Liter

• Fluid Consumption Rate: 15 Hours continuous work / per Liter

• 3-pin & 5-pin DMX In/Out

• Power Consumption: 420W (Min) 660W (Max)                             

• Locking Power Input

• Uses Haze/G™ oil based liquid only

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.75” x 15” x 15” / 530 x 380 x 380mm

• Weight: 70 lbs. / 31 kg.

• Fuse 10A (120V)  5A (230V, 240V)

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