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Entour Ice

Entour Ice

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Entour Ice: Tour-Grade Low-Lying Fog Excellence

Elevate your productions with the Entour Ice, a high-output, low-lying fog machine designed to create a dense cloud of smoke that gracefully hugs the floor. Transform stages, theaters, nightclubs, churches, concert venues, and events into immersive experiences that captivate the senses.

Key Features:

  • Tour-Grade Performance: The Entour Ice stands as a testament to professional quality. Crafted for tour-grade reliability and impact, it ensures consistent and remarkable low-lying fog effects that take your production to the next level.

  • Dramatic Atmosphere: Experience the magic of a thick cloud of smoke that elegantly stays close to the floor, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. The Entour Ice thrives on dry ice, producing a visually stunning spectacle.

  • Convenient Inclusions: The package comes complete with a fog conduction hose and a flight case cover. These valuable additions enhance your setup's efficiency and transport, ensuring you're event-ready in no time.

  • Road Case with Casters: Maneuver with ease. Housed in a sturdy road case with casters, the Entour Ice is built for both exceptional performance and convenient transportation, making it an ideal choice for tours and events.

  • Versatile Controls: Enjoy flexible control options. The Entour Ice features DMX compatibility alongside on-board controls, offering a range of command possibilities to suit your production's demands.

  • Motorized Dry Ice Basket: Enhance the performance experience. The motorized dry ice basket elegantly descends into the water, seamlessly integrating the mesmerizing dry ice effect into your show.

  • Safety Ensured: The built-in low water level sensor guarantees safety by automatically shutting off the pump when needed, providing peace of mind during intense productions.

Unleash the Magic: From churches to nightclubs, from theaters to concert venues, the Entour Ice creates an enchanting ambiance that's certain to captivate your audience.

Transport with Confidence: Designed to thrive on the road, the Entour Ice's road case with casters ensures a seamless journey from one venue to the next.

Experience Excellence: Elevate your productions with the captivating, low-lying fog magic of the Entour Ice, where atmosphere meets innovation.



• Professional low-lying fog machine with road case and heavy-duty casters

• Locking tank with motorized dry ice basket system

• Massive fog output of 550 Sq M / 5920 Sq ft.

• Dual element heating system

• 4-section electronic temperature control system

• Average run time: 5 minutes

• Requires dry ice and water

• Water Level Sensor: pump automatically turns off when water is too low

• On-board LED display with 6 button control

• Water drain valve: recessed for protection located lower-front of case

• 10-hour holding time of cooler box


• Operating Modes: 3

• Operating Modes: built-in timer, manual, or DMX control

• DMX Channel Modes: 3 (1,2 & 6)

• DMX Channels: 1 Ch, 2 Ch, or 6 Ch


• DMX Input/Output: 3- pin & 5-pin

• Power Inputs: 2x power locking sockets


• Max Ambient Temperature: 104 ℉ | 40 ℃

• Max Surface Temperature: 140 ℉ | 60 ℃

• Max Water Temperature: 80., 75., 70., 65.

• Initial heat time: 90 min @ 120V


• Power Voltage: 120V~230VAC / 50/60Hz (non-switchable)

• Dual Element Heating System: 2x 1450 Watts @ 120V

• Power Consumption: (full) 3000 Watts @120V


• Dimensions without case + wheels: 21.4” x 18.1” x 24.3” | 543 x 460 x 617 mm

• Dimensions with flight case + wheels: 21.4” x 18.1” x 24.8” | 543 x 460 x 629 mm

• Weight: (with wheels no case cover): 72.8 lbs. | 33 kg.

• Weight: (with case cover + wheels): 93.7 lbs. | 42.5 kg

• Water Tank Capacity: 8.5 gal. | 32 Liters

• Dry Ice Basket Capacity: 26.5 lbs. | 12 kg.

Included Items:

• Entour Ice Machine with heavy-duty casters

• Tour-grade flight case cover

• 5 ft. (1.5m) Fog conduction hose with clamps

• 2x power locking to Edison power cables

• Product manual

• Two-year (730 days) warranty

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