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DMX Operator 384

DMX Operator 384

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Experience Unmatched Control with the DMX Operator 384 - Your Ultimate Lighting Solution!

Unlock the power of precision lighting control with the DMX Operator 384. This versatile 19-inch rack mount controller is your gateway to seamless DMX and Midi command, offering unmatched flexibility and creativity for your lighting effects. Designed to elevate your light shows to a whole new level, the DMX Operator 384 empowers you to take center stage and dazzle your audience like never before.

Total Mastery Over Lighting: Command up to 384 channels of DMX effortlessly with the DMX Operator 384. This innovative controller allows you to manipulate a stunning range of lighting effects that are fully compatible with DMX protocol. Not only that, but it also transforms into a dynamic Midi trigger device, ensuring you have the ultimate tool for artistic expression.

Limitless Creativity: With 30 programmable scene banks and a staggering total of 240 programmable scenes, your creativity knows no bounds. Create captivating lighting sequences that perfectly match the mood of your event, making every moment an unforgettable experience.

Chase Your Dreams: Ignite the stage with 12 programmable chases that are customizable to your exact preferences. Whether it's a dynamic dance floor, a theatrical performance, or a live concert, the DMX Operator 384 provides you with the ability to orchestrate the perfect lighting accompaniment.

Enhanced Programming: Navigate your lighting journey with precision using the assignable joystick, providing you with unparalleled control over your effects. The DMX Operator 384 also boasts 8 control faders with 4 channel banks, ensuring that every lighting nuance is within your grasp.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips: Elevate your performances further with the built-in fog machine trigger, specifically designed for ADJ Foggers. This added element of special effects allows you to immerse your audience in a multi-sensory experience that they won't forget.

Designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike, the DMX Operator 384 redefines the way you interact with lighting effects. Whether you're a seasoned entertainer or a lighting enthusiast, this controller seamlessly integrates with your setup to create stunning visuals that enhance every event. Elevate your light show to unprecedented heights with the DMX Operator 384 - your pathway to creativity and control in the world of lighting entertainment.


• 2 controllers in 1 (DMX and Midi controller)

• 12 Fixtures- 32 DMX channels each, 384 total channels

• 30 programmable scene banks- 240 total programmable scenes

• 12 programmable chases

• 8 control faders x 4 channel banks

• Assignable Joystick

• Speed and Fade faders

• Built-in microphone or  Line level RCA audio input for music trigger

• MIDI input for scene, chase or blackout trigger

• Tap Sync button for chase speed over-ride

• Fog Machine input and trigger button (For use with ADJ VF1300 only)

• Blackout button

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