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DINA-DR2 DIN Rail Mounted Lighting Controller - Enhanced Control for Mid-Range Installations

The DINA-DR2, Nicolaudie Architectural's latest lighting controller, combines innovative features in a compact DIN rail-mounted design. With 1024 DMX channels (upgradable to 1536 with an additional DMX universe), it's ideal for mid-range lighting setups.

Programmable with ESA Pro 2: Use the powerful ESA Pro 2 software (compatible with Mac and Windows) to program the DINA-DR2. Enjoy pixel mapping, triggering management, and patch configuration with ease, limited only by your creativity.

New Stand Alone Engine (NSA): Benefit from the new Nicolaudie Architectural engine (NSA) for advanced control. It offers multi-zone capabilities, extended triggers, 16-bit channel management, and quick recovery after power loss.

Extended Triggering Possibilities: Triggers play a crucial role in lighting control, and the DINA-DR2 offers a range of options. Trigger your lighting scenes based on time/date, input ports, or TCP/UDP commands. When used with ESA Pro 2 software, each trigger can be customized with specific conditions, ensuring a perfect fit for demanding lighting installations.

Ethernet Connectivity: With its Ethernet connection, the DINA-DR2 can be controlled remotely using Arcolis Remote Pro or Arcolis Remote applications. It can also connect to the Internet, allowing operation through the LS Cloud service.

Compatible with Nicolaudie Cloud: Experience the convenience of Nicolaudie Cloud, a secure web service that enables remote management of your lighting controller from anywhere, at any time. Modify programming, manage hardware settings, and update firmware directly from your office.

Elevate your mid-range lighting installations with the DINA-DR2 DIN rail mounted lighting controller, delivering enhanced control and flexibility.


106 x 91 x 59 mm
USB connection
Ethernet connection
DMX channels: 1024 (upgradable to 1536)
Micro SD card
Nicolaudie Cloud
Stand alone
Number of scenes: 99
Number of zones: 5
Power voltage: 8-15V DC
Power connector: Screw terminal
Triggering Ports: 8+3
Clock/calendar triggers
Ethernet integration
Remote control apps
Programming software/app
ESA Pro 2
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