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DINA-DR1 LITE Lighting Controller - Unleash Versatile Control for Your Most Demanding Projects

The DINA-DR1 LITE lighting controller is a versatile solution designed around the foundation of the DINA-DR1 controller. While it offers limited features initially, its true power lies in its expandability.

Perfectly tailored for projects with unique requirements, the DR1 LITE is your "on-demand" answer to the most challenging lighting setups. Whether you're starting with a streamlined setup or need to scale up as your project evolves, this controller adapts to your needs.

Experience flexible control that can grow with your project's demands. Elevate your lighting design with the DINA-DR1 LITE, the controller that's always in sync with your vision.



Dimensions: 160 x 91 x 62 mm
Weight: 317g
USB connection
Ethernet connection
OUTPUT channels: 1024 (expandable to 6144 with eDMX)
Coming soon: RDM
LED Pixel output
Coming soon: eDMX
Internal memory capacity: 16 MB
Micro SD card
Nicolaudie Cloud: optional
Stand Alone
Number of scenes: 2000
Number of zones: 20
Power voltage: 8-15V DC
Power connector: Screw terminal
Ports: 8
Clock/calendar triggers
RS232: optional
Ethernet integration
AUDIO: optional
DALI: Coming soon
Remote control apps: iOS/Android
Programming software/app: ESA2
PC/Mac: ESA Pro 2
Arcolis: iOS/Android
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