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DINA-DR1 Lighting Controller - The Ultimate All-in-One Solution for Dynamic Lighting Control

Introducing the DINA-DR1, Nicolaudie Architectural's latest lighting control innovation. Crafted by our dedicated R&D team, this all-in-one controller redefines lighting control with an array of powerful features. From multiple output protocols to advanced triggering and integration capabilities, programmable memory for dynamic lighting sequences, and remote control options, the DR1 has it all.

Designed for din-rail mounting, the DR1 stands as a robust and durable solution tailored for fixed lighting installations. With a capacity of 3072 channels (expandable to 6144 with eDMX), it empowers you to control a multitude of fixtures (1024 RGB or 768 RGBW) over various protocols, including DMX 512, Art-Net, SACN, LED Pixel, and DALI. Plus, you can effortlessly connect and synchronize multiple controllers for large-scale lighting projects.

At its core, the DR1 boasts the NSA (New Stand Alone) engine, offering multi-zone show control and an extensive range of triggering and integration possibilities, such as Time, Audio, Ports, RS232, TCP, and DALI.

Programmable with ESA Pro 2: Effortlessly program the DINA-DR1 with our latest-generation ESA Pro 2 software, compatible with Mac and Windows. Unlock pixel mapping, trigger management, patch configuration, and more with just a few clicks. Your imagination is the only limit.

Extended Triggering Possibilities: Experience the power of flexible triggers that go beyond simple scene assignment. The DR1 offers a wide array of triggering options, including time/date, input ports, RS232, TCP/UDP commands, and DALI. Each trigger can be customized with specific conditional procedures, catering to the most demanding lighting installations.

Multiple Output Protocols: Control up to 3072 channels (1024 RGB or 768 RGBW devices) individually with the DINA-DR1. Choose from a variety of protocols and connectors, including DMX, eDMX (Art-Net, SACN), and LED Pixel, for ultimate versatility.

Scalable: Expand your lighting capabilities effortlessly by linking several DINA-DR1 controllers on a standard local network. Scale up the number of channels to meet the needs of even the largest installations.

Compatible with Nicolaudie Cloud: Stay connected and in control with Nicolaudie Cloud. Manage your DINA-DR1 from anywhere in the world, update firmware, modify programming, and adjust hardware settings with ease.

Experience the future of lighting control with the DINA-DR1. Elevate your lighting designs and bring dynamic illumination to life like never before.


Dimensions: 160 x 91 x 62 mm
Weight: 317g
USB connection
Ethernet connection
OUTPUT channels
3072 (DMX, eDMX, LED pixel) expandable to 6144
Scalable: Coming soon
LED Pixel output
Coming soon: eDMX
Internal memory capacity: 16 MB
Micro SD card
Nicolaudie Cloud
Stand alone
Number of scenes: 2000
Number of zones: 20
Power voltage: 8-15V DC
Power connector: Screw terminal
Ports: 8
Clock/calendar triggers
Ethernet integration
DALI: Coming soon
Remote control apps
Programming software/app: ESA2
PC/Mac: ESA Pro 2
PC/Mac: Arcolis
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