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Eliminator Amber FOG 700 LED

Eliminator Amber FOG 700 LED

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Eliminator Lighting Amber Fog 700 LED: Unleash the Unique Flame Effect

The Eliminator Lighting Amber Fog 700 LED is a remarkable fog machine that goes beyond conventional fog production. With its rapid, dense cloud of smoke and three integrated 1W amber LEDs, it brings a captivating flame-like effect to your events. Similar to a mesmerizing blaze, the colored fog transforms your atmosphere. This innovative machine operates using standard water-based fog fluid and includes a remote control for effortless use.

Key Features:

  • Unique Flame-Like Effect: The Amber Fog 700 LED isn't just a fog machine; it's a spectacle of creativity. Producing both a thick cloud of rapid smoke and a mesmerizing flame effect, it captivates your audience like never before. The integrated three 1W amber LEDs color the fog, evoking the ambiance of dancing flames.

  • Easy and Convenient: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Amber Fog 700 LED is compact, lightweight, and easy to operate. The built-in reservoir for fog juice streamlines the setup process, and the view window on the rear lets you monitor the fog juice levels with ease.

  • Dual Control Options: Activate the LEDs' flame effect with the On/Off switch at the machine's rear. Start the fog production using the included remote control or the switch on the rear. This versatility ensures you have complete command over the captivating effects.

  • Flexible Installation: The Amber Fog 700 LED comes with a hanging bracket for easy truss mounting, and it features built-in rubber feet for ground-level operation. Its adaptability allows you to choose the setup that suits your event's needs.

Elevate Your Atmosphere:

Transform your events into a realm of captivating visual effects with the Eliminator Lighting Amber Fog 700 LED. Witness the marriage of smoke and color, bringing a unique and unforgettable ambiance to your stage.

Experience the Flame Effect: Elevate your events with an unprecedented fusion of smoke and color. Create a fiery ambiance, capture your audience's imagination, and take your event to the next level.


• 700W portable fog machine with amber LEDs

• 3x 1-Watt Amber LEDs
• Uses standard water-based fog fluid (sold separately)
• Fog On/Off switch
• Amber LED On/Off switch
• Fog fluid full indicator
• Includes wired remote control 
• Includes hanging bracket
• Includes IEC AC power cord
• Heating element: 700 watts
• Heat up time: 3 minutes
• Smoke production per minute: 2500 cubic feet 
• Tank capacity: 250 ml / 8.45 oz.
• Power supply: 120Vac/60Hz
• Dimensions: 10”x6.25”x5.5” / 250 x 160 x 140mm
• Weight: 5.5 lbs. / 2.5 kg
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