Retail Questions

Category: Retail Questions

We do sell most major brands of lighting, audio, and video equipment. We have dealerships or wholesale pricing on most major brands. We don’t try to operate an online store, as we don’t stock most items, and could not possibly compete with logistical operations like Amazon. However, where we surpass all competition is in our attention to detail and personal approach. We will help you develop a system, to meet your exact needs, wants and expectations, and then sell you only the system you truly want, no more, no less.

Category: Retail Questions

Often we provide turnkey packages, complete with installation manuals and with custom programming and configuration just for your project. No online store can offer that, and remarkably, we can still sell the exact products at the same prices as the online operations! The main difference is that typically we cannot deliver the items quite as fast, but the difference is in delivery time is typically less than 3 days anyway. Finally, when it comes to after-sale support, we excel. We have built our business on happy customers, making things work, and making people say “WOW”! WE won’t stop until you get what you paid for, because that’s how we get our next project!


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You’ve come to the right place, we can consult with you to help determine your exact needs, and then get you the exact help you need, ASAP!

Project Scope

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Don’t worry, you’re in good hands here. We work with all kinds of customers from industry experts to those that are totally technology challenged! We can help you every step of the way and even provide the equipment you need at competitive prices! Call or email today for a personal consultation on your project!

Third Party Software

The short answer is “yes! WE do!” The long answer is… We can troubleshoot and program any DMX system. We are the industry leading experts in the Nicolaudie group of lighting control products for Architectural lighting as well as Show control and other DMX control products (S.T.I.C.K., STICK-DE3, STICK-KE2, STICK-CW4, STICK-GU2, STICK-GA2, DINA, DINA-DR1, DINA-DR1 LITE, DINA-SR1, DINA-DR2, DINA-DR2 LITE, DINA-DR MICRO, SLESA, SLESA-U8, SLESA-U9, SLESA-U10, SLESA-U11, SUSHI, SUSHI-DS, SUSHI-Z1, SUSHI-RB-RJ, AND SOFTWARES – EASY STAND ALONE, ESA, EASY STAND ALONE 2, ESA 2, ESA PRO, ESA PRO 2, SUNLITE, LUMIDESK, DASLIGHT, ARCOLIS, Lightpad, Easy Remote, Easy Remote Pro, We are also experts in these other products, Nicolaudie Group is the OEM manufacturer and developer of many of the worlds DMX interfaces, they are sold all over the world by many names through many brands and distributors. These are only a few of the worldwide brands and products we are proud to be the leading industry experts! ADJ Compu Cue, Elation Compu Cue, ELATION CompuShow, ADJ MyDmx, ADJ MyDmx 2.0, ADJ MyDmx 3.0, MyDmx Go, DVC, DVC FUN, DASLIGHT, MyDmx Buddy, MyDmx Amigo, Beamz Usb, Beamz WiFi-Usb, SUNLITE Basic, SUNLITE EC, SUNLITE First Class, Sunsuite, Sunsuite 2, Sunsuite 3, LUMIDESK, LUMIDESK Sunsuite, Lumidesk Nano, LUMIDESK Suite, DASLIGHT 4, DVC FUN, dpad 128, DVC4 GOLD, DVC4 GZM, DPAD 512, DPAD GOLD, Lightrider, LR512, Blizzard Lucid, Blizzard Lucid180 IQ DMX, Blizzard Lucid 140 IQ DMX, Blizzard LDTouch Ultimate, In addition to being the leading industry experts on the aforementioned products and softwares, we are also experts at many industry standard platforms: Pharos, Color Kinetics, MADRIX, Arkaos, Chamsys, Enntecc, Iluminarc, Logic (o is actually an “ohm” or omega character), Logic controls, Logic 1×36, Logic 4×36, Logic 16×36, Don’t see your exact software or system listed? With such extensive experience troubleshooting and programming all types of systems, we easily adapt to “unfamiliar” and new systems. In fact, we have become experts at learning new control systems! Video systems – Novastar, Arkaos, MADRIX,