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Bank of America at night with A/V lighting effects

Wisdom Esoterica designs, builds, and installs unique projects where art meets technology.

W.E. was founded in 2014 by Matt Wisdom who has 30 years of professional experience exceeding clients’ expectations. We constantly develop our ever-expanding team of professionals to design, build, and manage every aspect of your custom project.

W.E.  also refers to the unique combination of our team of experts at Wisdom Esoterica, plus you, our amazing clients. Together WE can and will achieve amazing results on time and on budget. "WE" are the partnership of our project managers, designers, engineers, technicians, and you, our clients. "WE"  is an idea fundamental to the way we do things.

Esoterica - (noun)
1. Items of special, rare, or unique interest.
2. Obscure knowledge or expertise

Our Expertise

W.E. continually research, develop, and test new designs and system technology to stay on the cutting edge of:

What Can W.E. Do Together?!

Why Hire Wisdom Esoterica?

W.E. DESIGN - We have been designing and producing extraordinary events and installations for decades. The fundamentals of our designs all come from our senses. We use lighting, video, audio, and special effects technology to interact with your:

We are not only experienced and skilled in traditional Lighting, Audio, and Video, but we have been pioneering in cutting edge technologies such as:

Through years of creating exceptional experiences and being part of the best teams in the world doing the same, WE have become exceptional designers of extraordinary and unique experiences using cutting edge technology.

What Exceptional Project Can We Design With You?

W.E. BUILD - We assemble a team of talented professionals with extensive and diverse experience to create the end result and bring the vision into reality. Our talent pool covers fields including:

W.E. MAKE IT WORK - Whether W.E. designed and build the project or not, W.E. can join the team at any stage and make the system work! It’s a huge part of what WE do! We do everything from consultation before a project begins, System Commissioning/Startup, training, and troubleshooting. We have been contracted to startup countless systems. Contact us at any point in your project to save you time and money on these services:

TechnologyWE can get it for you. WE can help you figure out what is the Right technology for your project and Why. WE can help figure out what is the most cost-effective product and solution that will accurately create your vision, properly the first time.

SourcingWE can directly provide any and all of the technology needed for your project at the best prices!

RelationshipsWE also have been called in to troubleshoot and rescue others’ systems many times.

  • 1 WE recognize that relationships are key, and we maintain the integrity of all client relationships through a commitment to high ethical standards and full transparency to our clients.
  • 2 WE have become experts at navigating the space between multiple contractors and avoiding problems by simply focusing on quickly addressing and resolving any issues, regardless of responsibility (or fault/blame). WE has a philosophy to focus on the task.
We focus on Solutions and how to make the job efficient and successful.
Colorful hall with lighting effects

What Can W.E. Do Together?!

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