Tag: Private Corporate Lighting

Cypress 5-8-2019

Cypress Building LED Outdoor Architectural Lighting 2019

Country of Cypress, LED Outdoor Architectural Lighting 2019, Programming and Commissioning

Energize Church 2018-03-25 10.20.49

Energize Church Stage Lighting and Video Package, 2018

W.E provided a Stage Lighting and Video Package on 3-25-2018.

Rush Funplex 2017-12-10 18.14.54

BOA Charlotte Tower Architectural Lighting Project 5-2-2017

LED Outdoor Architectural Uplighting Project Programming.  

Raleigh Dragon Boat Fest 2016-09-17 13.46.42
Hopscotch Fest 2016-09-08 Hopscotch Fest 20.15.54

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016, Raleigh, NC VIP Tent Lighting

W.E. provided VIP Tent lighting for the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, NC in 2016.

Jamz Skating Ring Birmingham, AL 7-10-2015_3494

JAMZ Skating Ring LED Design, Installation, and Programming in Birmingham, AL 2016

W.E. provided LED lighting design, installation, and programming for the Jamz Skating Rink in Birmingham, AL

Grace Life Easter 2016-03-27 08.21.08 HDR

Grace Life Church Easter Outdoor Stage LED Video Wall, 2016

W.E. provided 2 video walls for an outdoor service for Grace Life Church Easter Event in 2016.

FunkFest 10-21-2016_5361

FunkFest Jacksonville, FL 2016, Stage Lighting and Video Package

W.E. provided a stage lighting and video package for FunkFest 2016, Jacksonville, FL.

House of Hope 201512-31 22.22.38