Architectural Lighting

Cypress 5-8-2019

Cypress Building LED Outdoor Architectural Lighting 2019

Country of Cypress, LED Outdoor Architectural Lighting 2019, Programming and Commissioning

Tampa Bridge 2017-11-21 18.52.11

BOA Charlotte Tower Architectural Lighting Project 5-2-2017

LED Outdoor Architectural Uplighting Project Programming.  

Jamz Skating Ring Birmingham, AL 7-10-2015_3494

JAMZ Skating Ring LED Design, Installation, and Programming in Birmingham, AL 2016

W.E. provided LED lighting design, installation, and programming for the Jamz Skating Rink in Birmingham, AL

2014-09-25 15.22.17

ASU, Dunn–Oliver Acadome Dome, Montgomery, AL, LED White Lighting Retrofit, 2014

ASU ACADOME LED White Lighting Retrofit, 2014LED White Lighting Retrofit, 2014